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My mission is to maintain an earth-friendly business rooted in environmentally-conscious art practices. It is important to me that my customers feel assured that their purchases are not contributing to harmful environmental practices or the creation of excess waste. Learn more about my sustainability practices below.



I use traditional watercolor and gouache paint, and also often use soil or mineral based watercolors and earth-friendly oil paints. I make oil-based or water-based paints by mixing earth/mineral pigments with a binder (such as gum arabic or walnut oil). I no longer use acrylic paints made from plastic that introduce micro-plastics into the water system. Here are some of my go-to materials:

- Soil-based watercolors from For the Love of Soil

- Earth & Mineral Pigments from Natural Earth Paint 

- Walnut Oil from Natural Earth Paint 

- Eco-Gesso from Natural Earth Paint 



My jewelry is made from ceramic stoneware, reclaimed or recycled metals, vintage findings, or collected seashells/natural materials from my backyard of the Outer Banks. The ear wires and jump rings are Argentium Silver, which is created from recycled silver, and is more durable and tarnish-resistant than traditional sterling silver.

Shipping/Packing Materials


- Shipping mailers and boxes are made of 100% recycled material from EcoEnclose or Packlane, and I sometimes use the free recyclable Priority mailing boxes from USPS.

-100% recycled plastic sleeves for prints from EcoEnclose

- Void fill and product cushioning are either recycled ornament shred from EcoEnclose, die-cut kraft paper from Ranpak Geami, or recycled paper.

- 100% recycled tissue paper from EcoEnclose

- Recycled milkweed paper thank-you notes from EcoEnclose

- Water-activated Kraft packing tape (recyclable + biodegradable)

- 75-100% recycled cardstock earring cards

- Natural Sinamay fiber jewelry pouches handmade by Fair Trade artisans

-Zero-waste + BPA-free thermal shipping labels from EcoEnclose

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